Nobody ever plans on being arrested, to be accused of a crime and have to face a court of law. If this happens, the entire situation can be quite overwhelming.
If you, a family member or a loved one have been accused of committing a crime in Los Angeles or the surrounding areas - We invite you 
to please come meet with us at our office as soon as possible, for a FREE consultation.
Our immediate goal is to reduce the anxiety and confusion you might be feeling. We will achieve this by:
Listening to You: We need to comprehensively understand the circumstances in which you have been brought into our office. You as well as us need to truly understand the facts in your pending case, where do you stand and what kind of possibilities do you have.
Explaining to you the Law in Detail: We need to explain to you how Criminal Procedure Law, the Penal Law, Constitutional Law, and Evidence Law all apply to your specific case. 
Discussing all of your Legal Options: When you and us both comprehend how the law interconnects to the facts of your case, we can then start to discuss all of the possible options you may have available. From here we can then speak on how you might wish to proceed moving forward.
Whether you choose to retain our services or not, at least we are assured you are leaving our office understanding your specific case and situation far better than you did upon arrival. This should majorly help reduce your anxiety and strengthen your ability going forward in making good decisions as you proceed to face the case against you.
If you decide to retain our services, immediately we will commence developing a thorough strategy and design tactics to increase your chances of resolving your case towards a favorable outcome.
During this process, you will always have a direct and open line of communication with us. We will always be here for you and to listen to all of your concerns and answer any questions along the way.
If at any time you request, we will provide you with any knowledge or information we have, to better help give you an understanding of your case and its progress. 
It is always a goal of ours that the assessment of your case will always be honest and straightforward. We will never mislead you or sugar coat it.
We will always represent you to the best of our abilities, employing all of our talent, experience, knowledge, expertise and judgment to gain in your advantage of the case. Our goal is to achieve the most beneficial result that is possible and to leave you with no doubts in the matter of the outcome. 

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