Robbery and Burglary Defense

Both robbery (Penal Code 211) and burglary (Penal Code 459) are very serious charges. There are certain differences in the charges, but in general the difference is related to (Penal Code 459) burglary involving breaking into a home, business or other structure and taking items that do not belong to you without permission. This can be a teenager climbing through a window and taking something that belongs to them; or it can be as serious as robbing a bank.
As there is a wide scope of degree of crime in both robbery and burglary, the penalties also vary radically. For those who have a prior criminal record, they can expect that their penalty will be higher than someone who is facing a first offense. Whatever the case is, it is critical that you have legal representation from a skilled attorney to defend you in court. Do not face these serious charges without an aggressive defense lawyer from the California Justice Law Group.
Obtaining the Proper Defense
If you or a loved one has been arrested and charged with burglary or arrested and charged with robbery(Penal Code 211), you need legal help quickly. The first call made after the arrest should be to the California Justice Law Group, experienced and aggressive criminal defenders. The case may go to trial, and if it does, you need to ensure that your attorney is a talented trial lawyer.
How your case is presented to the jury has everything to do with outcome of the case. Not all attorneys have this talent, and this is a known fact in the courtrooms of the state. When enlisting the help of a criminal defense lawyer to fight aggressively for your defense, you want to know that all measures will be taken to aggressively fight on your behalf. Your case will be a priority and the legal team at the firm will immediately begin the actions to fight for you.