Bench Warrant Attorney

Do you have a Bench Warrant?
A bench warrant is issued when an individual was scheduled to appear in court and failed to appear.  When this occurs, a "bench warrant" is automatically issued with your name on it.  In many cases, the individual involved is not even aware that they had a court date.  This happens frequently when people move and the court does not have their current address.  The order to appear comes to their old address, they don't receive it, and a bench warrant is issued with their name on it.  The next thing that often occurs is that the individual is pulled over for some minor infraction, or even in a traffic stop and when their name is run through the computer they are immediately arrested and taken to jail, based on the warrant.  If you have discovered that there is bench warrant with your name on it, it is crucial that you contact a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer from the California Justice Law Group to assist you in getting the warrant handled.
Bench Warrant Defense Lawyer
Getting a warrant removed is a legal action that is usually handled fairly rapidly when you have a skilled defense lawyer on the case.  At the California Justice Law Group, the legal team has had countless bench warrants cancelled or lifted when clients are facing this problem.  Call the firm and give them your information so that you can be advised how this serious legal problem can be resolved.
In many cases the legal issue regarding the bench warrant can be solved quickly, and then the warrant is cancelled.   The actions needed to resolve this problem are extremely familiar to the criminal defense lawyer at the California Justice Law Group and it is strongly advised that you call the firm immediately if you have a bench warrant outstanding with your name on it.  You are in jeopardy otherwise.