What Should I Do?

The California Justice Law Group presents to you the following Guide for the Accused. This guide does not give legal advice and is not intended as a substitution for an attorney. Instead, it is designed to a) help you navigate through and understand the criminal process b) familiarize you with issues that you should discuss with your lawyer when you or someone you know is accused of a crime and c) assist you in hiring the right criminal defense attorney for your particular case.
Criminal law is a complex and ever-changing field of law. The government has experienced prosecutors working against the accused, and criminal convictions can have serious ramifications on your individual and civil rights. For these reasons, if you or a loved one is charged or arrested, it is imperative that you consult a criminal defense attorney who is an expert in the issues and laws pertaining to your charges. Although you have a constitutional right to self-representation, you will be putting yourself at a severe disadvantage if you represent yourself without the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney.
We hope that you find the information in this guide helpful in the event that the State of California accuses you of a crime. Our staff is dedicated to serving the accused in every county in the State of California. Throughout the years our firm has earned a reputation as an aggressive and zealous law firm devoted to the constitutional rights and protections of the accused. PLEASE CALL us for a free consultation at: (800) 658-1500.