Hit & Run Defense Attorney

Charged with Hit & Run?
If you have been arrested and charged with hit & run in Los Angeles, you are in serious legal trouble.  This criminal offense, if convicted can result in a fine up to $10,000, community service, vehicle impoundment, driver's license suspension and imprisonment in state prison or county jail.  If anyone was injured or killed in the incident, the penalties become even more severe.  When dealing with this criminal charge, it is critical that you have legal representation from a Los Angeles hit & run defense attorney.  Without a skilled criminal defense lawyer attending to your defense, it is likely that you will face a harsh penalty, including time spent in jail or prison. 
Hit & Run Defense Lawyer
In some cases, individuals who are arrested and charged with hit & run don't even realize that they have been involved in an accident.  In other cases, they are illegally in the country and are concerned that they will get in trouble with the INS if arrested.  Whatever your situation is, if arrested, you must enlist the assistance of a defense attorney to aggressively defend you if you hope to avoid incarceration and fines.  There are cases in which hit & run accidents result in a charge of vehicular homicide if an individual was injured and then later dies in the accident.  It is absolutely critical to your future that you have legal representation in such cases.  
When a hit & run accident occurs, law enforcement is immediately on the case to find the driver involved.  They will seek you out or even offer a reward for others to turn you in.  This is a dangerous situation and if you are aware that you are being sought, you are best served to contact the California Justice Law Group and get a criminal defense lawyer from the firm to assist you with this matter.  When you are represented by one of the skilled lawyers from the firm you can be assured that your best interests will be the top priority of the lawyer and every legal effort will be made to assist you in avoiding being immediately thrown into jail.  There are often legal alternatives for the defense available that can be sought by the attorney fighting for you.