Charged with Obstruction of Justice

When federal or state investigators are investigating a crime and do not have enough evidence to convict, they may charge the individual they feel is withholding information, refusing to give information or stopping any investigation with obstruction of justice.  This is actually a very serious crime, and can result in a prison sentence of up to 5 years in state prison.  This charge can also be filed against an individual who hid or destroyed material that was related to a crime, or tried to stop another person from giving information about a crime.  It is critical to get legal assistance from a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer if you have been charged with obstruction of justice, or if you are under investigation for a crime and consider that you may be charged with that crime.  At the California Justice Law Group, the legal team has helped many individuals beat this charge and is prepared to fight aggressively for clients who are facing obstruction of justice charges
Defending Obstruction of Justice Charges
Even evasive answers to investigators can create a charge of obstruction of justice.  When law enforcement is intent upon arresting you for a crime and cannot get the evidence they need, this could be the charge you end up dealing with.  It is very serious, and even though it must be proven in court, you are now going to be dealing with the court system and must have legal representation.  If you are arrested and charged with obstruction of justice you can be quite sure that law enforcement is intent upon putting you in jail or prison, even though they may not have gotten the evidence they needed to charge you with the initial crime they were investigating.
Don't ever face these charges without an aggressive and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer from the California Justice Law Group at your side.  Even though the prosecutor is intent upon convicting you of the charge, and will be aggressively seeking your conviction, with an extremely skilled defense lawyer fighting for you, you increase the possibility of being found "not guilty" of the crime.