Manslaughter and Murder Offenses

Both murder and manslaughter are two of the most serious charges that exist in the California Penal Code. The difference between the two is whether the death of the victim was caused by a premeditated action or not. When it is premeditated, the charge will be murder. Either of these charges is extremely dangerous if you or a loved has been arrested and charged.
As California remains a "death penalty state" it means that being convicted on a murder charge could result in the loss of your life. Manslaughter will not get the death penalty, but depending on the details of your case, you could spend decades or your entire life incarcerated in state prison. If you or a loved one has been arrested and charged with either murder or manslaughter, it is critical that you get legal representation immediately from a knowledgeable lawyer. The legal team at the California Justice Law Group is experienced in the defense of murder or manslaughter charges and can assist you in defending yourself in court.
Acting Quickly in Obtaining a Defense
These charges are extremely frightening for anyone who has the misfortune to be charged with the offense. It is critical that you do not answer any questions from investigators or law enforcement on any murder or manslaughter case without first getting legal representation to advise you. How you respond to questioning can be a major part of the case against you, but if you demand to get an attorney, by law you have the right to do so.
At the California Justice Law Group, a criminal defense attorney will immediately assist you and advise you how to move forward in any questioning. It is understood that you are frightened and worried, but chatting with any police officer is a very bad idea. A "friendly" law enforcement officer is looking for a way to get information out of you, nothing else. Don't take any chances with your future - a skilled attorney is absolutely vital if you have been charged with this crime.