Charged With Petty Theft?

Charged with Petty Theft in Los Angeles (Penal Code 484)?
Petty theft is a common charge against individuals in the Los Angeles area and California (Penal Code 484).  This can be the charge when shoplifting takes place, when the fair market value of the item stolen is less than $100. Even thought the value of the item stolen is low, the penalties are definitely severe. If convicted of petty theft, one can expect to face a $1,000 fine and up to one year in jail for the crime. In some cases the charges are unfounded, and the person either made an error and walked out with an item by mistake, or had actually paid for the item. In other cases, it could be a young person who makes an error in judgment and is now facing jail time for their actions.
Petty Theft Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles
No matter what the situation is regarding the charge, it is very important that you have a Los Angeles petty theft defense lawyer on your case immediately. This can increase the likelihood of the Penal Code 484 charges being dropped after restitution is made. Facing such charges without legal representation can result in a conviction that puts a mark on your permanent criminal record that can be accessed by future employers. It becomes unlikely that a job in retail would ever become likely, as the employer would probably consider you a risk. It is not worth the damage to your life to proceed into court with a Penal Code 484 charge without a skilled defense lawyer fighting for an alternative to conviction. 
There are options that can be worked out for a Penal Code 484 charge with a prosecutor in petty theft case, and with the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer from the California Justice Law Group, one of these alternatives could possibly be found. There are diversion programs, community service, reduced charges and restitution that can be fought for by your lawyer, as well as having the charges dropped entirely in cases in which no crime was committed or when the evidence against you is weak or unconvincing.