Facing Child Abuse Charges

There are few charges that create a more hostile environment for an individual beyond child abuse charges. There is almost no one who will feel sympathy for anyone convicted of child abuse, and even in prison child abusers are shunned, even above murderers. If arrested and charged with this crime your personal reputation can take a terrible hit, and you can be facing a nightmare experience. Sadly, in many cases of charges of child abuse, it is discovered that a former spouse or partner is using legal means to attack an individual who is in a custody battle over the children; or someone has reported to authorities that they believe a child is being abused due to their clothing or other situation that indicates to the person reporting that neglect is taking place.
Providing a Solid Defense
When child abuse is charged against individual, child protective services usually removes the child or children from the care of the accused. This is frightening for the parents as well as the children, and it can be extremely difficult to get your children back, even when the charges are completely unfounded. This creates an atmosphere of fear for parents who are accused of child abuse and lose their children due to a false report or suspicion by a neighbor, teacher, relative or doctor. Children are often easily led and want to please adults, and if questioned may be led to say they were abused, when nothing is further from the truth. There have been several famous cases in which individuals spent years in jail for child abuse when the entire case was based upon an overzealous prosecutor and unethical questioning practices.
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If you have been charged with child abuse, you need legal assistance quickly in order to fight to have your children returned to you. At the California Justice Law Group, the criminal defense attorney fighting for you understands the fear, worry and concern that you are dealing with and will take every legal action necessary to defend you and fight for your rights as a parent.