If you have been charged with a serious crime and your freedom is in danger, seeking council from an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense firm is your most important decision. It is crucial to find a firm who has the skills, knowledge, and staff to represent you accordingly in a court of law is and ensure that your rights are protected every step of the way. California Justice Law Group is a Los Angeles based criminal defense firm experienced in defending a wide range of clients charged with DUI/DWI, drug offenses, juvenile offenses, ‘white collar’ crimes, violent crimes and many other crimes. We cater as well to all surrounding areas of Los Angeles and have had cases throughout the state of California. The attorneys at California Justice Law Group pride themselves in having earned many prestigious awards for exceptional honesty, work ethic and dedication to their clients and their cases. We are greatly respected by our peers in the legal community and are appropriately confident in our work and the 97% success rate we bolster.   

Our Recent Cases - California Justice Law Group

People v. J.M  Charge: DUI/VC 23152(a) &(b) Case No. 8AH04562 Disposition: Jury Trial/Dismissal per PC 1118.1    J.M. was ...
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People v. JD  Charge: Possession of marijuana with intent to sell/H&S 11359 Case No: SA084030 Disposition: Dismissal per PC ...
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People v. S.I. Charge: Hit and run/VC 20002  Case No: 2NW02014  Disposition: Hung jury/dismissal per PC 1385 The Los Angeles County ...
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People vs. You, A Guide For The Accused
Publication: Legal Guide 2012
Miranda & You 
Publication: Trial Magazine 2007
Plea Bargaining 101 
Publication: Presumed Innocent Magazine 2001 
Constitutional Rights 
Conference: UCLA
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Plea Bargaining Gaining the Upper Hand 
Conference: California Legal Network
Picking The Winning Jury 
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